About Us

Proulx Family 

The Proulx family has owned and operated our family farm in Cumberland since 1920, when our grandfather, Napoleon, purchased the land and established a farm that produced dairy, raspberries and maple syrup.

Thirty years later, with the help of their six children, Gérard and Pauline Proulx opened the pancake house and began serving our famous, traditional sugar bush meals. Today, we (Francois and Gisele Proulx) run the farm in partnership with our daughters, Melissa and Janelle, and Nicolas Simard, our production manager. We added the products and events that are familiar to our customers; strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, sweet corn, sugar bush and pumpkins, and several festivals from March through to December.

Now in our fourth generation, Proulx Farm offers something for all ages. When the sap starts running, we know it’s almost time to invite our friends back to our table to enjoy our grandmother’s favourite sugar bush recipes before we jump into planning for summer. When the maples trees turn red and shed their leaves, the pumpkins are all picked, and the last of our frightening friends have left for the year, it's time for us to put up our lights for our Winter Wonderland under the stars during the last three weeks of December.

We love that so many of you feel a sense of connection to our farm. Many of our guests started coming to the farm as children, and now bring their own children or grandchildren. We feel honoured to be a part of this fine community.

Melissa and Janelle Proulx, and their duckling friends

The Proulx family, circa 1995. Pictured are Pauline and Gerard, Rachel, Gisele and Francois. In the earlier days of the farm, there were no employees but family came often to help out.


  • Grow and sell excellent quality fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Offer fresh fruits and vegetables, preserves, jams, and other quality foods to our customers
  • Treat each guest with warmth, respect, friendliness, and courtesy
  • Create an environment, away from the city, where families can enjoy visiting and spending time together
  • Foster a better understanding of agriculture in Ontario and a connection to nature
  • Treat our employees with honesty and respect