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  • Ferme Proulx et Érablière
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Sweet Corn

corn cob

Yellow Sweet and Peaches and Cream Corn

Buy our sweet, fresh-picked daily yellow sweet or peaches and cream corn at the farm store or at our farm stands.

Available Late July-September

Farm Store,
Monday to Thursday, 7am to 7pm
Friday to Sunday, holidays, 7am-5pm
$6.75-$8.84 for a farmer’s dozen
Call ahead to have a few dozen set aside for you, 613-833-2417.

Nothing says summer like corn on the cob!
Our sweet corn is available from late July to September. Several fresh-picked varieties are available daily, depending on the season, but we guarantee they’re all delicious.

Farmer’s doz, $6.75 -8.84
3x Farmer’s doz, (39 cobs), $20-25
1 bag (52 cobs), $26 -33
Call ahead (613 833-2417) to have an order set aside for you or have delivered at one of our satellite locations. See “Where to buy” for listing of our on-farm locations.
Please note, pick-your-own is only available for group visits with a reservation. See “Sweet Corn Group Packages” for more information

Methods of Payment at the farm:

Cash, Interac (discount with Cash, Cheques & Interac payment)
Cheques from associations/schools (we do not accept personal cheques)


At road stands: Cash only


Did you know? When we refer to “sweet corn,” we’re not just bragging about how delicious our corn is (although it really is tasty). A friend of ours once nicked a few gorgeous, big cobs that were hanging over the farmer’s fence (with every intention of paying back their neighbour, of course) and had a bad surprise when they realized at dinner time that they’d stolen inedible cow corn. Only about 1% of corn grown is eaten by humans. Sweet corn is harvested when it is soft and easy to eat. Cow corn, or field corn, is a different type of corn used to feed animals that isn’t harvested until it becomes very dry and hard on the stalk.