• Proulx Maple & Berry Farm
    1865 O'Toole Rd.
    Cumberland (Ottawa), ON K4C 1N2
  • 613-833-2417
  • info@proulxfarm.com
  • Ferme Proulx et Érablière
    1865 Chemin O'Toole
    Cumberland (Ottawa), ON K4C 1N2
  • 613-833-2417
  • info@proulxfarm.com

Weekend Visits

Join Us for Our 26th Annual Pumpkin Fest 2020

pumpkins_lineOur farm is transformed into a giant Halloween playground. Bring a picnic and come join us for a ghostly gathering in a country setting, just a few minutes from Orleans and 30 minutes east of downtown Ottawa.
From September 20th – October 31
Sat. and Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Thanksgiving Monday: 10am – 5pm
Weekdays, please call for a reservation, 613-833-2417.
Get information on school packages or group visits, Children’s Birthday.

Customer Appreciation Day

Sunday, September 20th, 2020; 10 – 4 pm
Special admission rate: 2 for the price of 1 (kids under 3 are free).

face painting2

Farm Fun

  • Face-painting artist
  • Hay structures
  • Tree house and slides
  • Go Pedal tricycles bikes
  • John Deere tricycles
  • Several giant outdoor Play parks
  • Mazes & corn field mazes + Clue hunting in our tall pine forest
  • Children’s show
  • Family-friendly wagon ride through the mysterious forest
  • Visit the petting farm: Touch, feed & learn
  • a friendly haunted house (no animation) + one for the more brave ones (sneak previews of Skreamers)
  • Inflatable bouncy house + the walk through somber corridors
  • Pick your own pumpkin directly from the patch (sold separately)


  • Snack bar and canteen (or bring your own picnic)
  • Farm boutique featuring maple, honey, and home-made jams and more
  • Pick your own from the patch available with admission charge. Sold separately according to size
    …see chart at the boutique + in pumpkin patch (dirt and weeds included – proper footwear recommended)
  • Picnic area (indoor and outdoor)
  • Pumpkins sold separately, also available from our numerous displays and walls + bins of pumpkins at the boutique.
  • Plenty of free parking

Birthday Parties at the Farm
Book a birthday party during Pumpkin Fest for an extra-special outing.
pumpkins8 pumpkins_girl2 pumpkin_patch2 pumpkins4 fall tree pumpkin boardbig pumpkins

Weekend & Stat Holidays Pricing


 Sept. 26 & 27Oct. 3 to Oct. 31
36 months and underFreeFree
37 months to 6 years$12.39$12.61
7 and older$16.15$16.59
Teens & Adults (15yrs & over)$14.38$14.38
Total for 2 adults, 2 children (under 7)$52.43$53.10
for 2 adults, + 6yrs +7+yrs$56.64$57.30
for 2 adults, 2 children (7+yrs)$60.40$61.50
Grandparents 55+$8.41$8.42
Larger groups (One (1) payment for the group)
13 or more people$13.94/person$14.60/person
40 or more$13.27/person$13.71/person
Applicable taxes extra. Prices may change without notice.
Special needs groups, please contact us for details & special pricing
Week day visit reservation recommended, $8.89/person (24mths & over)
Evening Program ... please visit Skreamers.ca

To make a group reservation, please fill out the reservation form. We will get back to you with a confirmation within 48 hours.
If you require additional information, please email or phone us at 613.833.2417 and leave us your contact information.

Methods of Payment
Cash, Interac (discount with Cash, Cheques & Interac payment)
Cheques from associations/schools (we do not accept personal cheques)



For additional information or help planning your visit, please contact us at info@proulxfarm.com or by phone: 613-833- 2417 (Recommended to leave a message with your details, we will return your call within 24 hours).

Visit our farm store to find a feast of fall products, including maple syrup, honey, jams, pickles, pickled beets and pickled beans, salsa, relish and squash. Pumpkins available and sold separately according to size…see chart at the boutique + in pumpkin patch.

The evening program, available separately from the day program, you’ll want to leave the kids (and your more delicate friends) behind when our very scary friends from Skreamers take over the trail for some spooky, grown-up fun! For more information visit Skreamers.ca

Choosing a Pumpkin for Decorating or Carving

To find the perfect Jack ‘o Lantern pumpkin, choose one that is large and heavy with a flat bottom. The flesh should be firm and free of soft spots, cuts or bruises, with the stem well-attached. Keep it in a cool, dry spot, avoiding frost. Outside under a covered porch is ideal, but rest the pumpkin on a wooden surface. Avoid storing it directly on cement or metal.

Choosing a Pumpkin for Pumpkin Pie or other Desserts

Smaller sugar pumpkins are also called pie pumpkins because they are a sweeter variety cultivated for eating. They are smaller than decorating pumpkins, usually 6-10 inches in diameter. They are less stringy, fleshier, and less watery with a smoother texture than decorative pumpkins. If you plan to make a dessert with pumpkin, be sure to ask for sugar pumpkins. As with decorating pumpkins, choose a firm pumpkin with no soft spots or signs of rot.

Fall Decorating

The uncommon white lumina pumpkin makes a striking addition to your Halloween decor. Gourds are
not edible but are used for fall decorating.

Pumpkins are very nutritious. They’re full of vitamin C, A, fibre, and antioxidants that protect against cancer and heart disease.