Opening date: Late-July until Mid-August
Exact opening date, hours and days open throughout the week can be found on Instagram page and our Facebook banner for convenience or give us a call; 613-833-2417.

We recommend that you contact us at 613-833-2417 for updates on picking conditions. Or check our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest availability

**Please note, we may require to close the pick-your-own fields early if we are picked out and/or excessive rain. We recommend calling ahead 613 833 2417 to ensure availability.

Blueberry picking season usually starts in mid-July (Usually 7-10days after the start of raspberry season and ends in Mid/Late August, depending on Mother Nature.



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Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for latest
hours and conditions.

COVID measures

General Information
The latest updates are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Online store

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Order anytime: Pickup and Delivery

For current and updated picking conditions and store availability, please call 613-833-2417 or visit or Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also visit us daily to purchase ready-to-go-picked strawberries. To guarantee your pick-up or have delivered we recommended pre-ordering at

Price list:
- Pick-your-own berries are sold by the container for this year.
- Cost: Per container. See table below
- Bring your own containers: Standard 1-quart, 2L, 3L and 4L basket are accepted.
- Empty baskets: 1.50$/ea (tax included)

Cost per basket (For season 2021)
4lt of pick-your-own blueberries: 24.25$ (+ basket if required)
3lt of pick-your-own blueberries: 18.00$ (+ basket if required)
2lt of pick-your-own blueberries: 13.00$ (+ basket if required)
1-quart of pick-your-own blueberries: 7.50$ (including basket & fruit)
Empty Baskets (2Lt & 4Lt available)
- Empty 1-quart:
1.50$/ea (Now made from biodegradable material)
Free with the purchase of a 2Lt or 4Lt basket. OR 0.25$/ea
Bring your own containers Free (Standard baskets ONLY)

*Price may change without prior notice
**No refund on used/stained Proulx Farm baskets, no refund on partially picked berry baskets – No exceptions!! Please have your receipt with you at all times especially upon arriving down in the field, exiting the boutique store, and anywhere on the grounds of the Proulx Farm.

No empty hands will be permitted, for adults, children, including everyone 3yrs and older.
- Everyone who would like to go into our fields must pick at least a 1-quart container each. We will not permit anyone without a container to go into our fields.

How it works:

  1. We strongly recommend you bring a water bottle to the field with you. Temperatures there are often hotter there and is little shade close by. We would also recommend putting on some sunscreen.
  2. On arrival you will be asked to choose your container to purchase if you don’t have your own. (Applicable to everyone 3yrs and older)
  3. Everyone must have a container in their hands to go to the field. You are welcome to bring your own. Any non-standard containers are not permitted for this season. If you do not have any containers, we sell 2Lt and 4Lt baskets at 1.50$/ea. (tax included). 1-quart containers are free with the purchase of either a 2Lt or 4Lt basket or 0.25$/ea separately.
  4. You will be directed to the sink station for everyone to wash their hands with soap and water before going to the field.
  5. Wagons are not running at this time. Someone will be directing you to the right field.
    a)  Mask are recommended to walk to the field in case the 2-M distance cannot be maintained.
  6. An attendant will be in the field to assign you a row. We are currently only using a specific side of the row at a time to help maintain a 2-M distance while picking. If you would like another row, please do not change yourself. Go see the field attendant and they will assign you a new row.
    a)  You’ll be asked to start where the flag is and then move the flag to where you finished picking so that the next person can continue from there.
  7. Once you are done picking, please reposition the flag where you finish so the next person knows where to start

*If you do not have your own baskets (old or new), empty 4lt and 2lt baskets are available at $1.50 each (tax included), except for the quart size as the cost is included with the purchase of a 2lt or 4lt basket or 0.25$/ea if sold individually.

The berries will require to be paid prior to entering the Proulx Farm grounds and picking fields. You can pre-paid prior to your arrival, directly at

Children are always welcomed here at the Proulx Farm however please note that it is your responsibility to make sure they remain in the same row as you and respect any and all social distancing guidelines at all times. If you or members of your group are not respectful, we hold the right to ask you to leave. We are here as a fun and relaxing place for everyone to come and enjoy and have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who cannot be respectful towards our staff and other guests.

No pets are permitted on the property, so we ask that you please leave them at home.

Already picked for you - BUY NOW
Picked fresh daily, are available at the Proulx Farm store boutique and at our various farms stands. Available to purchase from Mid-July to Late-August.

Price list:
- 500ml, $6.00 to $8.00
- 1 liter, $10.00 to $13.00
- 2 liters, $20.00 to 23.00$
- 4 liters, Please call 613-833-2417 to reserve or send an email:
* Price may change without prior notice. Depends on variety and picking conditions.

Welcome to call ahead 613-833-2417 to have an order set aside for you or have it delivered at one of our farm stands locations. To guarantee your pick up or delivery we recommend ordering at

See “Where to buy” for listing of our off-farm locations.

For larger quantities, contact us for more details. Price may change without prior notice.

Methods of Payment at the Proulx Farm and our various road stands (No cash accepted)

Order & prepaid option available at:

** Proulx Farm COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines During Pick-Your-Own Season

To our valued customers, we welcome you back for our 28th Proulx Farm pick-your-own blueberry season. We are dedicated in maintaining a safe, clean environment, and an enjoyable experience for all our new or returning guests, and devoted staffs. While complying with all governmental policies and guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic these are the measures we have taken:

  • All our employees will be wearing proper protective gear.
  • Please always have a mask with you. You will be required to wear one to pay and to enter the farm store. (This applies to those who have been vaccinated and to those not been vaccinated). We also recommended to wear one to and from the field in case the 2M-distance cannot be respected.
  • All must wash their hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior to walking down to assigned strawberry fields.
  • Wearing gloves is not permitted for the picking.
  • Proper spacing to a minimum of 2 meters is always required between each person or families (max. 5 pers per row - larger families may need to be separated), while walking to and from the fields, and during the picking.
  • When walking to and from the fields, all must keep to the right in the direction the red arrows. Our field attendants will assign your strawberry row, please respect and remain in your assigned row.
  • If assistance is required to and from the fields, please ask a Proulx Farm attendant, as there is no more wagon transportation available at this time.
  • Our fields have limited picking capacities because of the strict physical distancing regulations. Each picking time permitted in the field will vary depending on your container size and quantity you have pre-purchased; we ask you to limit your field stay and picking.
  • No eating/snacking of any kind is permitted in any picking fields including no picnic in any part of the Proulx Farm grounds.
  • No family or group gatherings are permitted in any part of the Proulx Farm grounds.
  • All play parks and structures, including the petting zoo, are all temporarily closed until further notice.
  • Purchasing inside our on-farm boutique store is also available with a limited customer capacity at all time. Please sanitize your hands prior to entering the boutique store. We appreciated not handling any products unnecessarily.

We will be grateful to receive your feedback, as these are new policies and guidelines measures for COVID-19. We always aim to improve our services to our clients, for all inquiries, concerns and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact Proulx Farm. Your understanding and cooperation in these important matters are greatly appreciated! The Proulx Family, has been farming on this land since 1920!!