Did you know that bees are a farmer’s best friend? Bees are needed to help pollinate most of the crops that we grow, including our delicious strawberries.

Proulx Farm is proud to partner with Canaan Road Farms, a local beekeeper who maintain 12-15 active hives on our farm. Several specialty honeys are available from Heavenly Honey.
This amazing natural product is available directly from our farm, located at 1865 O’Toole rd., (off Innes Rd.E).


NEW !!! June 2020, have a jar of honey added to your weekly produce basket and have delivered to your door. It is also a possibility to pick up at one of our farm stands.

To have set aside, reserve, order one of our specialty honey, larger quantities or additional information is required, we can be contacted
by email at: info@proulxfarm.com or telephone: 613-833-2417.

New batches of honey are available starting early August to November but available to purchase year-round. To guarantee your pick-up, we recommended pre-ordering at Shop.ProulxFarm.com