Maple Fest Birthdays

Leave the mess and the fun to us! We will make sure your child enjoys their special day and that you get to relax and have fun too. No mess and no cleanup, we’ve got you!

What our Customers are saying:
Just wanted to send a big thanks for the great party yesterday!
The kids had a great time, they were entertained, and LOVED the strawberries! Nia loved her cake, it was exactly what I wanted and so delicious ?? A big thank you to Calum – he was a great with the girls.
I will definitely share this great experience with friends and family.
Happy Summer!

Birthday party packages are available for ages 4 yrs and up,
(Summer birthday see Berries & Veggies + Fall birthday see Pumpkin Fest)

Birthday Maple Season package available in March & April (exception March break week & during the 4 day Easter weekend) includes the following services:

  • Access to all the different play park stations including our giant slide, double slides (snow pants required), 2 story tree houses, plus while visiting the petting farm, a farm friend will be brought out for all to feed (animal feed included)
  • Horse-drawn (weather and condition permitting) or tractor drawn wagon ride through the old maple bush in direction to the sugar bush ~20min- semi-private (private available but not included: 15 days notice required, extra 260$)
  • Guided tour: tapping demo, the collection to production to finish product. Visit inside the century old production shack ~15 -20min
  • All to enjoy a real, 100% pure taffy on snow
  • Admission to all our giant outdoor play structures
  • Temporary tattoos (water base) station (with the “We do all package”)
  • Indoor, heated hall with tables & chairs: max 45 mins, semi private (extra time available but not included: $65/hr minimum. (private available but not included: 30 days notice required: $75-$500 extra/event)
  • Taffy on snow and drink of choice/child

When to Book

Birthday packages are offered for our Maple Fest Season: Through the month of March & April

Planning Your Party

Available Party Times:

1pm to 4pm
1:30pm to 4:30pm
2pm to 5pm
*Meal, cake and gifts are always scheduled for the last hour.
**Only afternoon times available during our Maple Festival. Earlier times (10-1, 11-2) will become available once our Maple Festival is over (mid/end of April).

Please call us for additional information at 613-833-2417 or by e-mail :
• We require 1 parent to be with the group throughout the party.
• We always finish our parties with the food service

You can choose between several package options:

We do all, you simply show up :
Birthday person + 5 guests + Mom & Dad, $425.99

  • each additional child: $29.99
  • each additional adult: $14.75  – Activities + X1 drink + X1 dessert included. Lunch available but not included

*Change pizza lunch for hot dogs: extra 20$ (condiments included)
** Change pizza lunch a sugarbush meal: extra 8-15$/person (condiments included)

Additional food can be added: veggies, more pizza, hotdogs, larger birthday cake, etc…, contact us for more details
Welcome to bring additional decorations, your birthday cake & candles and/or additional food.
*We require 1 parent to be with the group throughout the party

What’s Included:

  • Full admission (6 kids + 2 adults) to the farm and activities
  • 1(one) taffy on snow/person
  • *Pizza Lunch (cheese or pepperoni)(one slice per child) & juice box of choice (Apple, Mango-orange, Fruit punch or Five citrus) & Chips (Individual bag per child: vinegar or Doritos) and a custom cake (of course!)
    • Setup and cleaning taken care of by the Proulx Farm team. All you have to do is show up!
    • Candles, plates, cutlery, tablecloth & napkins are all included
  • Feed for the animals in the petting zoo. (one/child)
  • Semi-private wagon ride.
  • Custom self-guided itinerary
  • Semi-private room for up to 45min.

We help you with some services and you do the rest:

Birthday person + 7 guests + Mom & Dad, $225

  • each additional child: $17.50 –(admission, activities & taffy service included)
  • each additional adult: $14.75 – Activities + X1 drink + X1 dessert included. Lunch available but not included
  • add a birthday cake: $85
  • add birthday candles: $5 + plates & utensils: $2.75/pers

Included: farm activities, maple tasting
You need to bring: decorations, birthday food & all required to serve + cake & candles (all food nut-free please)
Feed for the animals in our small petting zoo.
One (1) adult must accompany the group at all time

Please note that because the restaurant is open to the general public it would be difficult to decorate before the designated meal time.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Custom birthday cake (choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble) (Cupcakes available: extra 10$)
    • Choose the flavor: Marble, chocolate or vanilla
    • Choose the theme (Ex: Favorite movie, character or theme)
    • Choose the color theme (We’ll ask for 2 favorite colors)
  • Setup and takedown/cleaning. All you need to do is show up and have fun!
  • All arrangements for the food including dessert.
  • Custom self-guided itinerary
  • Reserved seating for the meal, cake and gift exchange
  • *Change pizza lunch for hot dogs: extra 20$ (condiments included)
  • Additional food can be added: veggies, more pizza, hotdogs, larger birthday cake, etc…, contact us for more details
  • Welcome to bring decorations, your own birthday cake & candles and/or additional food.
  • Minimum of One (1) adult must accompany the group at all time.
  • *Cake may contain traces of nuts. Please contact us to make alternate arrangements. Additional charges may apply.

Download an invitation.

Please contact us to make a birthday reservation.

Payment and Terms
We require a non refundable 50% deposit when reservation is made. Balance is due in full before the start of the party. Taxes extra, prices may change without notice. A 3-day notice of cancellation is required, some regulations may apply.
Methods of Payment
We accept CASH, Debit, Visa and MasterCard


Q? Can I bring my own food?

A. You are welcome to bring any nut-free food you’d like. We will be happy to store your birthday cake or cupcakes in our fridge/freezer until it’s time for cake and presents.

Q? Do I need to bring my own plates, napkins, cups, knife for cake, lighter for candles, candles, etc.?

A. You are welcome to bring your own theme items but when opting for the full birthday package all is included. If you order a cake from us, candles are included. We offer a wide selection of decoration options that you can select from our cake books. If you bring your own cake, please serving utensils, candles, and a lighter.

Q? Who supplies the birthday food and drinks?

A. We partner with Gabriel Pizza on Trim road for the pizza. Hot dog are prepared on our bbq. We supply drinks and vegetable/cheese/fruit trays.

Q? What kind of cake do you have?

A. You can choose chocolate, vanilla, or marble.

Q? How long is a party?

A. Party guests supervised by an adult are welcome to stay longer, however, regular admission rates apply to additional parents/adults who wish to stay for a visit.

Q? Do you supply loot bags?

A. We do not offer loot bags. Please bring your own if you’d like this to be part of your celebration.

Q? What if some parents drop off their kids and wish to stay? Do adults have to pay?

A. 2 supervising parents/adults are included in the cost of each party. Additional adults pay regular admission rates.

Q? If I have to pay the 11-15 rate, but only have 12 children, can I invite three extra parents to stay without having to pay?

A. You are welcome to invite additional adults to stay in the place of absent children.